Friday, August 14, 2015

Oh, Hello

Blessed blue moon! Big intentions being released to the Universe tonight. Big flower, stone, bone and color medicine backing me up. This packet of beauty will fan the flames of change. #bluemoonmagic #witchywoman #spiritualrogue #womanmagic #fullmoon #rec
Blue moon witchery. Big magic for big healing and big changes over the next 2 years.

It's been a while.

But, you know. Life. 1st birthday. Toddler. Illness. Family Visits. Sleep. WALKING! (sort of) It's been a busy life, and at the end of the long days that make up the insanely fast years, I want to curl up on the couch with my husband or a book and veg out. Sometimes, I art a little, or color, or work on a crafty something or other. I'm coming back to who I was before baby, though I'll be forever changed and it's still taking a little adjustment.

Funny, going "back to normal" is like a whole new adventure all over again. Haha. And as it is with adventures, I'm learning and growing from it. My priorities are a lot clearer now and the mess (though still sometimes insanity inducing) is firmly on the back burner until I've met the needs of myself and my dudes. That sometimes means dishes get done at 7 am and other times mean they're done at 10:30 pm. Doesn't really matter because they're still there waiting no matter the time, because I'm not a storybook witch who can wish them away. *sigh*

1 year old Orion and dad in front of a photo of the moment they met on this day last year. #orionjohnis1 #mightyoriongram #babysuplicki
Father and Son in front of the picture of the first time they met, 1 year later.

The big updates from here are: Orion is now a year old. And hot stepping all over the place for short distances. And breaking his mom's heart with all this growing he's been doing, even as he delights us and makes us proud. Looking back on the last year has helped me to get through the hard and longest of days, because there's perspective now. I feel like I blinked, and my newborn baby was whisked away and replaced by this toddler with his boy face. Really, where did those baby features go?!?

Joe and I are both doing well and finding more time for ourselves and our hobbies again. My physical stuff is still ongoing, still waiting to see a specialist for my autoimmune disease so I can get a 100% accurate diagnosis and start treatment, but I've been taking my own steps to try to keep my discomfort under control. I'm working on improving my diet, cutting back on consumerism (sorry craft stores, my money now goes entirely towards food!), increasing my vitamin D (which is hard when it's like the surface of the sun outside ALL THE TIME) and getting up at the asscrack of dawn to do some stretches, yoga and my PT exercises. I'm not a morning person, so that's been a bit rough, but it's been tremendously helpful.

Feast cooked and delivered to a family I love, old artwork told me it's done (for now) so I hung it up, teething boy soothed and sleeping after fighting it like a champ. Now I'll sit here, cross legged on the coffee table to pause and breath in the stilln
Taking some time to center and breath.

I'm making lots of progress with my mental health too, which sometimes feels very frustrating, because it often feels like 2 steps forward, 2 steps back. Every bit of progress seems to dredge up something else that needs to be healed. But, I'm getting there. The work is hard and some days I question if it's worth being grumpy or upset to get this work done, but then I remind myself that for all of the short term discomfort, there will be long term healing. Once I heal my inner child, overcome the fears that trigger my anger and quit questioning my worth, things will be smoother, happier and less stressful. So, onwards and upwards.

I've also still been debating if I should keep blogging here, change the name, move to Wordpress, blah, blah, blah... and I'm still undecided. I know the name no longer suits me, that I need an overhaul to make this space feel like it belongs to this current iteration of me. But do I want to wipe the slate completely clean, or just redecorate? Still pondering.

How are things with all of you? What's new in all of your lives? I've been a real shit about emailing, writing, etc. and I no longer use Facebook at all so I'm completely out of the loop.


  1. Well helllllloooooo there! I'm so glad you posted an update, sounds like over all things are falling into place and getting better! Orion's such a cutie! Hes still got some baby chub lol As far as the blog goes I do hope you still post occasionally, I'd be really interested in what the doctors diagnose you with and what treatment there might be. Have you though about tinkering with the background and colors to see if thats the direction you want to go in? Who knows maybe it will spark a new name for the blog. Hugs to you all!!!

  2. Good to hear from you! I hope everything gets better. Marietta over at Witchy Words has an autoimmune thing and has changed her diet to help ease symptoms. You may want to reach out to her and see if she has any suggestions as to how to make things better. Do you have an Aldi near you? You mentioned all your extra money going to food and Aldi is super cheap and has great produce, although you sometimes have to be careful. There have been a couple times all the raspberries and strawberries have been bad. However, they sell a good selection of whole foods, including organics, for hald the price of other stores. We reduced on grocery bill from $200 biweekly to about $100 biweekly, and I buy mostly fresh, whole foods. Keep hanging in there and know you have a large community of support rooting for you!

  3. love that the universe put us back in touch. love that you are "working" on you and enjoying life as it happens (good or heartstring snippets of pain watching the baby turn to a child). You are amazing Ms. Danni the kind hearted. I love you so. Wishing you and your fellas the very best. xoxo Oma Linda


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