Friday, October 31, 2014

Samhain Musings

As the year grows darker and we sit in the space between death and life, there is still hope and renewal. This is a space of transition, of shifting. A time to confer with our ancestors and spirits as they walk through the thinned veil, a time to divine what it is we need, what it is that we do not and what it is that is holding us back.

It is a time to reap what we have sown since the last dying season, whether it be good or bad, abundant or sparse. It is a time to consider what we want to cultivate as the great wheel spins on and ushers in a new cycle. Time to burn away that which is rotten, fouled and no longer needed to make way for new life once the darkest days of coming Winter are behind us.

I plan to pull out the cards tonight, once trick or treat and Halloween fun have finished, and share wine with the spirits. To leave honey for the fae and whisky for the goblins, in hopes they will continue to keep their mischief to themselves. I plan to make a resolution, as I do at each Witch's New Year... this year to cast of the chains I've bound myself in. To let go of holding back, of hiding, or censoring myself... even a little bit. Because to be anything other than my full, true self is doing a grave disservice to my soul and my emotional state.

I plan to let my freak flag unfurl and fly this year, to become truly brave and step in to my own.

So mote it be.

To my fellow witches, pagans and magic makers a very merry Samhain! May your harvest (both literally and figuratively) be bountiful and the ancestors bless you this evening. May you be blessed with abundance, joy and magic as the great wheel begins its cycle anew.


  1. Blessed Samhain and Happy Halloween!

  2. Definitely a time to look ahead (and towards the past); to remember those who were of the flesh and are now dancing in spirit. And yes, it is time for some divining.

    I was a bit too sick for celebrating properly today, but next week we'll make my Little Brother's favorite dinner and tell stories about him. I hope he doesn't mind the celebration delay.

    Hope your All Hallow's Eve was grand, dear Danni... for you and for your loves.

  3. Blessings to you and yours , truly! xo

  4. So many good wishes for you and your beautiful family! I'm going to take a note from you and let my flag fly too - no matter how tattered it is looking lately! xoxo Happy New Year!

  5. Hope you and the little one had a great Halloween!


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