Saturday, September 27, 2014

Apple Time

This week, it's been gorgeous here in the Land of Eternal Summer. Well, to this Northerner anyway. It's been cool, cloudy and breezy most days with the sun peeking out just enough to warm it up when the breeze is a bit chilly. Very Autumnal, I was overjoyed when we got to wear hoodies on Mabon!

In celebration of Autumn and to enjoy the beautiful weather, our trio hopped int he car this morning and hit up the local farm to pick apples. Orion won't remember his first apple picking adventure, but we will. Plus, we snagged about 10 pounds of the juicy buggers to turn in to apple butter, apple pie, apple muffins... you know, autumn apple overload. :)

Joe did his "fatherly duties" as he puts it and took some videos of us in the field with the handy dandy camcorder he ordered a week ago. We never did the whole home movies thing in my family growing up, but he did. As far as this camera happy lady is concerned, the more captured memories the better!

We had a lovely morning, walking the orchard and finding apples to bring home and some to munch on. The bees found some to munch on too! Orion had to settle for apple flavored milk, since he's far too little to actually eat them. Though he did help us pick some. ;)


  1. Hurrah for the very first apple picking experience for Orion! What a perfect way to spend the day!

  2. Lovely! I can't wait to go apple picking myself. I baked a Dutch apple pie last Friday for our early Mabon dinner party. It was a major hit. So happy its finally fall again!!!

  3. I love orchards, we have many apple orchards in my part of Sweden.

  4. THis little fella has no idea the wonders that his Mom and Dad will introduce him to. Lucky Ducky. xoxo


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