Thursday, May 22, 2014

Droids, Art & Beer - Oh My!

This past weekend was incredibly busy, but also completely amazing. First off, that stomach bug finally let me eat real food on Saturday! I was so excited as I ate my fast food burger (don't judge me) that I almost cried tears of bad for me happiness.

I can't even reiterate all of the stuff Joe and I crammed in to those two days, but when we went to bed Sunday night and I was thinking back on everything, I honestly had a hard time figuring out how we made time to do so much. Both around the house and outside of it.

We kicked it off by going to SC Comic Con, organized by our favorite comic shop. This was the very first year they did this and the attendance was insane! Way more people went than anyone suspected, I hear the total count was around 7,000 attendees. That's pretty incredible for a start up event! The Con itself was great and we had a blast walking around looking at displays like the 1960's Batmobile that my first Batman, Adam West, drove around in, as well as seeing all the clever cosplays and talking to different artists whose booths we visited. In fact, I didn't buy a single comic but rather spent all of the money I'd brought on artwork.

The Bioshock print is by Atlanta based artist Chris Hamer of Urbnpop, the monsters (it was SO hard to only choose 3) are from Asheville artist Fian Arroyo, Batgirl and Wonder Woman are from Alex Ogle and the Steve Zissou has two artists names that I can't make out on it.

I tried to make friends with this astromech droid, but he was a bit camera shy!

Some Con highlights. The Batmobile and us hamming it up as action figures.

After the con, we headed over to the local homebrew shop to pick out a special beer that will help us celebrate baby's arrival, since it will be finished around the same time as the birth happens. We had good conversations with the owners, the wife and I talked about natual child birth, she was SO excited to meet a young person who wants an unmedicated birth and plans to do things as simply and naturally as possible. We sampled a few of their homebrews to get an idea of what we may want to go for and I decided on a porter. Reasons being 1) I LOVE dark beer 2) Dark beer is said to help with breast milk production (if anyone wants to lecture me, please go away) and 3) porters aren't as heavy as stouts. Since it'll be Summer this is important.

The one we picked out is a clone of the Black Butte Porter by Deschutes Brewery which we've decided to call "Baby Butt Beer". See what we did there? ;)

Sunday began with the hubster pleasantly surprising me with an amazing breakfast in bed spread to celebrate my ability to eat real food again. And just because he's nice like that. Here I am groggy and giddy over waffles, watermelon and coffee!

We then went out and ran a few errands, did some shopping and came home to work on some projects around the house. The biggest one being nearing completion on the pantry Joe built for me in the kitchen. My one major pet peeve about our home is the lack of storage, especially in the kitchen. A friend of ours had given us a huge corner cabinet that we had in the kitchen to use for extra storage but it wasn't ideal, especially when we decided to get a small chest freezer. Everything was starting to take over the dining room portion of the space! So, we planned a pantry and Joe built it, with adjustable shelves and everything, so I can't complain about the spacing. Clever devil, that one!

Only thing left to do is build the doors for it. But I'm super happy with it! Eventually we are going to strip the cabinets and paint them to match. You know, when I have energy and we have the time for it. So, someday. ;-)

We wrapped up the weekend by brewing up the Baby Butt. It took a few hours, during which we ate dinner, played some games and just hung out and chillaxed together. It was one of those weekends that I love, where nothing seems amazing to the outside observer, but I go to bed that last night feeling accomplished, happy and oh so loved.

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