Saturday, March 15, 2014

Springing Up

Just a few days shy of the official first day of Spring, my yard decided it couldn't possibly wait any longer to bud, blossom and bloom! Every free moment I've gotten has been spent outside reveling in the sights, scents and sounds of Springtime.

The Bradford pears have blossomed, filling warm breezes with their unique odor.

Maybe this year will be the year our peach trees are mature enough to produce edible fruits? *finger crossed*

Peaches and Pears; so pretty together!

Soon those bare spaces between the pines will be just a memory and we won't be able to see the sun setting again until the end of Autumn.


  1. Beautiful! It will take another month or so before we see blossoms like that on the trees over here.

  2. peaches and pears.....yum. It looks beautifully springed in your yard. OmaLinda

  3. Spring is such a lovely time in the South! I do miss all the gorgeous blossoms! And the fragrance of the evening. Please soak it up for me! ♥

  4. Oh I love those beautiful pink and white flowers. Thanks for sharing. Spring has barely begun where I am. No leaves on the trees yet.

  5. Wow lucky you to have such beauty right outside your door!


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