Saturday, December 21, 2013

Yuletide Blessings

The wheel spins round, in it's endless cycle of birth, death and rebirth and soon the slumbering Earth will reawaken, under the warm of the Sun and the watchful eye of the Oak King.

The Holly King has fallen; the king is Dead. The Oak King has Risen; Long Live the King!

On this longest night, may you be surrounded by warmth and love. Whether you be alone or gathered with friends and family, may your night be jolly and blessed. The Darkness has fallen, but the light is returning, ready to soon drive it back.

Merry Yule, fellow pagans, witches, heathens and you muggles too. May the Light shine brightly tomorrow and always, on you and yours.


  1. Yule Blessings! ♥ May the return of the light bring peace and happiness.

  2. Yule blessings to you as well. Keep Midwinter and enjoy. Oma Linda

  3. Happy Winter Solstice to you and yours!

  4. Merry Yule to you too :) Hope you have a cosy evening - we are all snugged in watching Harry Potter whilst a storm rages outside. Blessings ~*~

  5. A very blessed Yule to you and yours as well. Beautiful lights and decorations. Bright blessings, Bird

  6. A blessed Yule to you as well. Thank you for such a lovely post!


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