Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Witches Dance Tonight

"Harvest Moon" print available in the Heartroot Studio Shop, here.

Leaves fallen on the breeze,
skitter like so many rats
beneath skeletal trees.

As gourds grin to the night,
beckoning spirits to visit,
and give their weary souls rest,
'round a candle's warm light.

Stars are spattered across
Night's velvet cloak,
the swollen moon looks down,
not a single cloud mars
her brilliant face.

Greens, browns and shades of rust
color fields of grain,
wilting beneath the Harvest moon,
Dreaming of Summer rain

And in this field,
'neath the darkened sky,
A coven does conspire.
With hands clasped,
and heads bowed,
they gather 'round a fire,

Quick footed in the rusty field,
voices raised in joyous song,
Wolves howl and owls take flight,
As the Witches dance Tonight!


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