Monday, October 21, 2013

Is that you, Hallowe'en?

Image via mbtramaon Flickr.

As I walk the neighborhood streets, late afternoon sunlight slanting golden through mostly bare branches, I take note of things in the neighborhood. The place where the Blue Jays can usually be found, which dog lives at which house (should they get loose and not have a tag), the types of trees I walk past.

This season, mixed in amidst the crunchy litter of leaves on the lawns, I've noticed a change from the previous two Autumns I've spent in this community; Hallowe'en has crept in a little bit more. Now mind you, I'm not talking full decked out haunted houses like we had in our neighborhoods back home, but a recognizable effort on more people's part.

We're no longer the only house decorated for Halloween, not even in our cul-de-sac. Pumpkins sit guarding walkways; some already grinning from freshly carved faces. Ghosts and bats dangle from tree branches; flying in the chilly Autumn breezes. Spiderwebs, both real and fake, cover shrubs and mailbox posts. Blow mold ghosts and pumpkins grin at you from the road side. Columns and windows glow with orange and purple lights. The perfect trick-or-treating neighborhood, slowly awakening from a few years slumber.

And as I walk past these small signs of a resurgence, there is a renewed spring in my step and an ill-hidden grin on my face. The magics I well remember from my own childhood, which I had not so long ago worried may be lost and gone forever, seem to be alive and well in the hearts of more people. The jacks all grinning, the leaves swirling and the delightfully chilly weather we're having this Autumn in the South, makes me want to grab a mask and a candy bag and go Trick-or-Treating this all Hallows eve; I'm short enough to pass for a kid. ;)

Even the stores seem to have gotten it right this year as they've pulled back from gore and gross to more traditional Hallowe'en spookiness. Skeletons, black cats and witches hats have replaced some of the severed limbs and axe murderers in the shops, much to my delight. Now, if everyone could recognize the folly of "trunk or treating" and put this "Fall Festival" hullabaloo in the dust bin and bring back traditional Hallowe'en hijinks, I'd be inexplicably happy.

For Hallowe'en lovers like myself, but mostly for kids everywhere who are being robbed of the magic of that one special night in Autumn; Where you can grub for candy, laugh it up while walking the neighborhood with your friends, where what is normally spooky is fun and you can be anything your little heart desires.


  1. So happy for your neighborhood and of course for my fellow Halloween lovin' friend. We are still the only ones on our entire block that have any signs of Halloween....and of course because we are...someone came and snatched our punkins night before last. Pox on them I cry. But we can always get more pumpkins to turn them into punkins, silly robbers can't stop our fun. xoxo Oma Linda

    1. A pox indeed! Who steals punkins? Jeeze.

  2. I remember walking through the neighborhood with my friends and trick or treating. There was so much fun and comradery but I fear those days are gone. Have fun in your neighborhood!!

  3. Halloween fell by the wayside here too over the last few years. But last year I had a pleasant suprise and 60+ kids showed up at the door. I used to get twice that many, but it dwindled to about two dozen a few years back. I hope they come back this year - and bring friends! Love this post.

  4. I agree, I hope Halloween doesn't just drift away. I love it so, the old fashioned memories. Sigh..... I just adore this special night.

    Your banner makes my heart sing!!!

    Thank you so much for joining in the Halloween magic! love, V

  5. I remember it all. I remember walking through crunchy leaves under the snow. I was all bundled up in a winter coat under my costume. Thank you.
    Please visit me:

  6. ✿(◔‿◔)✿
    …../ \🙊
    Halloween is just starting to become popular over here in Australia so hope it can garner some of the magic from your past celebrations ...thank you for having me at your place, come on by and visit mine..if you dare...

  7. I was so disappointed in the stores around me this Halloween. They started putting up the Christmas things back in September and two weeks into October it was hard to find anything orange black or skeletal.
    Please come visit this weekend

  8. I couldn't agree more. This is my favorite time of year and as I tell all of my family and friends, "Halloween is MY Christmas!" Most are getting why finally as they see my joy and help me celebrate with tiny things such as my Halloween Village, or getting into character for a costume party, all of which warms my heart. In my neighborhood, I'm the house that goes all out for the holiday and I give out a ton of candy to the wee Trick-or-Treaters, too. I make it beautiful and eerie, but not gorey. I'm not a fan of that and to me, it's not good for children to experience it. There's so much violence in the world. If adults want gore - fine - but let kids have the fun and the magic of Halloween.

    Thanks for letting me a part of your event. I'm very late on hopping to other parties, but if you haven't visited mine yet, please feel free to drop by any time. Happy Halloween! :)

  9. Great retro image~!

    Popped by from the Halloween Tea Party.

  10. Im totally with you, the more traditional, cosy autumn estival is much more appealing than all this blood and gore. Have a lovely Halloween!

    Heidi at:

  11. Interesting observation... My child finds that stuff frightening, so we do things that are not scary.


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