Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Coffee in the Lap, Gratitude in the Heart

My routine of posting weekly tidbits to remind myself of the many things for which I am thankful, has fallen a bit by the wayside. So, I'm going to pick it back up, brush it off and get back to it.

Why am I doing it on Wednesday instead of just waiting until the weekend? Well, today's been a doozy of a day already. After battling it out all night with a bout of insomnia, I woke up feeling (and looking) like a zombie this morning. I shuffled around the house while Joe and I got things ready to head out the door; breakfast smoothies made, Luna fed and taken out, coffee in cup and ready to go. The furs situated and ready for the humans to leave them to their precious alone time, I kissed Mayor McBeard goodbye and headed out the door.

On my way in, I was stuck behind one of the worst drivers I've encountered in a while. Sharp, sudden stops without reason as they were the only person ahead of me, no signal when they finally turned off. Then I was met with traffic backed up for seemingly forever, so I ducked down another road I knew to avoid the jumble. It was at this point that I went to caffeinate myself, grabbing my giant tumbler of iced coffee... just to be bathed in my delicious smelling beverage.

Cursing and attempting to sop up the mess with napkins, my autopilot took over as I drove. And as I drove along, grumpy about my wasted coffee, traffic and shitty drivers, a road sign appeared ahead of me and I realized I had made an error... I was heading to my old job, not the current one. Turning my car around, my grumpy, zombie feeling self was sorely tempted to call my boss and tell her I was heading home to the safety of my blankets and I'd see her tomorrow.

But I didn't. I dragged my coffee soaked ass in to the office, only a few minutes late, and plopped in to my chair. As I put my phone on my desk, I noticed my background image and it made me smile. And then I flipped through some of the photos from the past week and those made me smile too. And even as the scent of my morning brew wafted up from my (now tan in spots) shirt, the annoyance and stress I had felt earlier melted away as I thought about the things that really matter to me; the things that make my life amazing and so very much my own. Things like:

Plucking and eating the very first apple our baby fruit trees have ever borne.

This amazing sunset, right outside of my house!

This mutt having a clean bill of health at her annual exam! And doing so well in the car now.

This bearded fella who I am lucky enough to call my own. AND! A shiny new brewery close to home that makes delicious beer!

Seemingly small, simple things, for which I am incredibly glad.


  1. I would be grateful for all those things too. When I read your Facebook post about the coffee incident this morning I was afraid you'd scalded yourself. Glad to hear it was iced coffee.

  2. Every and any little thing can be cause for gladness and gratitude. My sympathy about the coffee in the lap.

  3. All of your photos are joyous reminders of what life is really all about and you certainly are surrounded by lots of good stuff.
    GK was thrilled with your naming of her writing persona. She is such a fan of yours and dotes on your words....yes all of them. We don't censor here. She knows and respects you as a real woman....and her Momma's soul sister.
    Sending our love to your apple bearing garden, Luna the lovely dog, your Man and your life....even if Mercury is messing with you.
    xoxo Oma Linda

  4. Wonderful photos! Especially the sunset. So many glorious reasons to be thankful for each and every day! No matter what happens. :0)
    There is a silver lining to every situation. Sometimes we just have to wipe off the tarnish.

  5. I need to be in your presense and suck some of this ability to get all optimistic and shit. I have my moments and this post really put some perspective on my shitty attitude of late. When I get like this I am a snappy bitch to everyone in my path. It only ends in hurt feelings and massive guilt on my part. I need to give myself some time outs. Great move checking out your pictures to remember what is truly immportant. Keep your arms on that McBeard man, I may come down there and grab that eye candy jk....kinda ; )

    1. I'm not even going to pretend like I've always been or always am that way. There was a time when something like that would have caused me to completely lose my shit and scream or possibly punch something. My temper is a legendary (and terrifying) thing amongst those who have known me for a really long time and I've broken a few doors/walls/bones in fits of rage.

      It's taken years and years of patience with myself (the hardest kind IMO) to get to this point and I definitely still fuck up and flip out over things that shouldn't matter. But, it's better than it was, so I'll take it.

      In summary: I'm not a Zen master, but I play one on TV. ;)


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