Friday, January 25, 2013

Look at That Smirk

Look at that Smirk

While I was at work yesterday, having a less than joyous day, I broke out the trusty Moleskine my best friend got me for Yule and sketched. At first came a woman on the left hand side, with dark eyes and long flowing hair. As I worked on the hair, I felt the urge to add the crown and the key. Once those were in place, I had no doubt who exactly it was that I had been sketching.

As I worked a bit more on Hecate, I felt a gentle tug and the sensation of a chuckling to my left. A whisper that my sketch needed wings! I very nearly stuck some on Hecate's back and then the sides of her head before sticking one on the side of the page. The chuckling continued as did the serious tug at my hands to draw wings. Oh, and some swirly curly bits too!

I let my hand go on the page to the right, sketching a wing, an oval, another wing. Then some glittering eyes and a quick swipe of a smirk. Oh bugger, Hermes! Really? You wanted me to draw yet another image of you? Because the last 35 of them I've done haven't been enough?

There's a bit of a glare and then a wide eyed mischievous grin before he whispers it's a shame to hide such great abs and winks away, leaving me alone. Oh, you cheeky Trickster god!

If there is one thing that I have always enjoyed about Hermes in my 20 years of time with him, it's the way that he can bring cheer to even the most dour of days. He doesn't always appear to me in his youthful form, nor as Trickster, but it is the most frequent.

And honestly, how could anyone resist that smirk?

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