Monday, October 29, 2012

Candles for Sandy

All day I have been looking at images coming out of New Jersey as Sandy drew closer to the shore and all day I have been sick to my stomach with worry. Having grown up there, most of my friends and my entire family - save my brother - live there. A good portion of my friends and loved ones live in the surrounding areas of Maryland, Pennsylvania and New York as well. I've seen images of my summer vacation spots torn asunder by waves, places and spaces I've visited and loved ravaged by water and I've been feeling helpless, because I'm down here and not with everyone. If I said I haven't cried, I'd be lying.

She's made landfall in South Jersey and I am keeping the entire area in my thoughts and prayers. The night will be long, dark and cold for many but I hold a light, warmth and love for you. I will be rotating candles off my altar all night as they burn down in vigil. Please protect yourselves - hunker down and don't venture out. You are all in my thoughts and prayers, may the Gods hold you close and keep you safe.

Please keep everyone in the storm's path in your thoughts and your prayers.


  1. My candles are lit too. May everyone be protected and return safely to their homes.

  2. I am also keeping my thoughts and prayers to those affected. Love to you and your family/friends, Danni.

  3. I pray that your friends and family are all well. Sandy was vicious. The pictures coming out this morning are awful. Sending Love and Light.

  4. Thinking of everyone as well. Hoping for the best.

  5. We made it through the storm very blessed. We didn't even lose power at our house.....and only had some branches down. Very minor....even as the winds were viscous outside our windows. Our trees bent and danced....the rain came down in buckets.....many houses near the shore were damaged horribly.....but we were blessed. I hope your family and friends came through the storm safely. I am sending everyone effected love and light.


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