Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sunday Morning

This about sums it up. Up and out with the early morning sun, ready for a day outside.

P.S. Those bright green stems and leaves you see behind the mower? Those are some of the sunflowers I planted on Ostara - growing like weeds and already budding.


  1. Your sunflowers look amazing! The squirrels ate mine. Bastids.

    1. The squirrels and I have an agreement, I leave a little bird seed laying around... maybe an old apple or two and they leave my plants alone.

  2. How well I remember yard work in the hot, humid South! Only work outside in the early mornings and evenings. Sure don't miss that!
    But your yard is looking so nice! And remember, Life is short. Enjoy the time you have. :0)

  3. Danni, beautiful sunflower plants! I love that you have an agreement with your squirrels. Down here land crabs and hermit crabs fill the "void" left by the absence of squirrels in our little ecosystem. Every year I plant things, and every year the crabs eat them. This year as I planted in an area I designated as my outdoor "sacred space for me" (where I do my outdoor yoga, meditation, herb growing)I kept coming across the same little black crab. Finally I built him a little house with a walkway made out of shells and an offering plate nearby. We have the same agreement: Don't eat my plants and I'll bring you food every day. I've missed two days of feeding and exactly two plants are gone. Lesson learned.

  4. I've had some volunteer sunflowers by the chicken coops, but they are not as advanced as yours...


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