Sunday, April 29, 2012


Born from Chaos, it is said that Gaia was one of the first being created from the Darkness. From her came Uranus (sky), Pontus, (sea) and Ourea (mountain).

Taking Sky as her consort, she began to give birth to the first life to walk upon her. She also took Sea to her as well, and from their union sprang the wonders of the Sea. She is the beginning of all life here on Earth, Mother to all living beings who take shelter and sustenance upon her. She is none other than Mother Earth herself.

It's taken me a bit longer than I expected to finish her up, but she's finally read to show off. So here she is, my latest depiction of our Momma Earth:

She is done in watercolor and the second full Earth Goddess I've worked on to date.


  1. Oh Danni, she's beautiful! When I move into my new apartment, she would make the perfect goddess to hang up. I hope you'll keep making more of her.

  2. I adore her.....she is a beauty creation from your heart. I will email you today. Oma Linda

  3. Danni, She is SO beautiful! I totally adore her and wish I could afford the shipping as it is.

    She looks so sweet and broady. I really love her!

    I wanted to ask you...We are running a Book of Shadow at the forum, It's the kind of swap you'd enjoy...:D (we miss you!)

  4. Yay! There is my beautiful Earth Mother! I might have to bring her sister home, too.


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