Friday, February 10, 2012

Of Wax and Wick: Candles

The simple candle; wax and wick, scent and color. A versatile item, used often in my practice and my every day life. Around my house, you'll see them in seasonal colors on the mantle, tea light lanterns in the bedroom and living room and several large scented candles that I burn on occasion. In the kitchen, you'll find a particularly large herb encrusted candle that I burn while cooking or cleaning.

I often burn candles to invite the light in, especially when I'm feeling depleted or depressed. Sitting and focusing on the flame, I'll look for shapes and signs or slowly close my eyes and let the warm glow carry my thoughts off and leave my mind resting and calm. I find meditating on the flame or the scent of a candle to be soothing. I almost always have one burning when company comes over, although if you asked me why I feel the need to do this I couldn't give you a straight answer as my reasons are quite varied: to set a mood, to promote harmony and warmth, to burn away negativity or bad feelings, the ward off harmfulness and gossip to name a few.

When it comes to my magical workings, candles are almost always involved. On my altar there is always the main candle, which I use to light other candles in ritual as well as to read the cards and makes notes by. I light candles as a simple daily gesture to the Gods, Elements and spirits. At each new moon I burn a black candle and at each full moon I burn white; typically there is nothing else aside from divination done on these nights. For each sabbat, I burn candles in devotion to the Gods and to celebrate the season and associations of the celebration.

In my cabinet you will find a large collection of tea lights and chime candles in varying colors that I use for simple petition magic; to send healing, to promote protection, to share passion. Along with these smaller candles are larger ones that I use when I have a more serious desire or need to work towards. These larger ones will often be inscribed with symbols, dressed in oils or rubbed down with herbs to help focus and boost my intentions. When I dress the candles, I pick the point on the candle that represents myself (typically the wick end) and dress from that point outwards to send things from me and dress from the outside towards that point to attract my desires. In my path, the candle runs the gamut from a simple devotion to a powerful magical tool.

How do candles play into your path or everyday life?

P.S. Since I missed last week's "C" post for the Pagan Blog Project, I thought I'd share the colors I like to use in candle (and color) magic. Please note, you may not associate the same colours with the same things as I do and that's O.K. That's the beauty of walking our own individual paths.

White: An all purpose color that I use to balance out black in banishment rituals (to draw something in to fill the void), in devotions to the Goddess, the Moon and to add a little extra something to spells. The Maiden Goddess, Purity and Cleansing.

Pink: Love, harmony, tenderness and compassion.

Red: Passion, Sexuality, Fire, Strength, Confidence, the Mother Goddess.

Orange: Happiness, Harvest, Energy.

Yellow: Air, Life, Vitality, The Sun, Hope and Joy.

Green: Healing, Prosperity, The Green Man and Woman, Nature, and Earth.

Blue: Water, Calm, Creativity, Cleansing, Soothing, Communication.

Purple: Third Eye, Clairvoyance, Wisdom, Spirituality, Warding off Nightmares.

Brown: Earth, Grounding, Stability, Forest Spirits (often alongside green) and Protection.

Black: Banishment, The Crone Goddess, The Underworld, Absorbs negativity, protection and purification.

P.P.S. Happy birthday to me! Only 365 days until I am officially out of my 20's. Plans for today include a trip to Atlanta and checking 'See a whale shark' off of my 30 by 30 list. :)


  1. Happy happy day to you Dani...29 candles are burning for you today!!!

  2. Happy birthday! I spent my entire 29th year terrified of thirty, I have no idea why other than 3 decades seems like a lot when being amid is still a vivid memory. But since I turned thirty thiings are falling into place, I think I like it. Only a month in but it's not that bad, I feel like I can do it, really come home to myself and fill the shoes I was meant to now.
    But enjoy your last year of your twenties, I wish I had.
    Much love X

  3. I use candles is almost every aspect of my magic. They are on every single one of my altars as well as spread within my home. I too light a big candle when I begin my once weekly clean/cleanse.

    We be sistas.

  4. GK asked me not long ago, "What would we do if we didn't have candles?" And before I could answer, Mr. Ry said, "we'd dress up flashlights instead". Cracked me up. Dressing a candle is just an ordinary day practice to the grands even if Ry gets the verbage wrong. I did correct the notion but ya gotta admit, that's funny. Happy Birthday Ms. Danni from all of the cuckoos.

  5. Not sure if your birthday is today or yesterday or perhaps tomorrow...teehee...anyway here's wishing you a wonderful one is 30?? ... wow...where does it go...

    I use candles quite often in my energy work...mostly just to help me focus on who and what...I like to watch the smoke when the flame is extinguished...

  6. Hey Birthday girl, happy b-day. I learned about candles, is not to blow them out, because you're blowing the magick away. Fire energy is powerful and quick! Thanks for the colors rundown.

  7. We light candles when the sun goes down. It's automatic. If I or Papa didn't do it, my girl will remind me! We usually eat by candle light in winter.

    It was a very interesting post:)

    Happy Birthday Danni! I wish you a very fulfilling year :)


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