Sunday, December 18, 2011

Yule Tree and Memories

When we first put up the tree, I had every intention of decking it out in white lights, much the same as our artificial tree. What I hadn't taken into consideration however, was the fact that this tree is easily twice as round and full as our fake one. We made it about a 3rd of the way before we ran out and needed to go out for more lights. Despite our trying four or five stores, we couldn't find a single strand of white lights and so, we switched to colored. Not really a big deal, it's been years since I've had a tree with colored lights; both Joe and I grew up with trees decked out as such.

So he strung the lights and I broke out the boxes of ornaments, carefully unpacking the familiar baubles and trinkets. We put on some Christmas music, poured some wine and hung all of our ornaments. We had a great time of it, bobbing around the tree and past each other to find the perfect branch for each treasure. When we finished we sat back to admire our work and I burst into tears. Last year, I talked a bit about my issues with the holiday season in this post; apparently I still have a few unresolved feelings and issues that came to a head after what was otherwise a beautiful evening.

You see, it's not that the tree is ugly or offensive (although white lights tend to make photography a bit easier!), it's the fact that this tree reminded me so very, very much of all of the trees I had growing up. It stirred the pot of memories, both good and bad, and drudged up all sorts of feelings that I just let out. Luckily, this bought of Christmas blues was short lived and I felt worlds better in just an hour or so. Now, I can sit back and just enjoy the tree.

Here's a peek at some of our tree's treasures:


  1. You two have some awesome ornaments. The first real tree in your very own home, how great is that!! Dealing with the memories that something dredges up is tough; sounds like you let it all out, with your tender and loving husband...excellent! The best thing you could do, and now you can put it to rest and enjoy the Season of Yule. I lift a glass to you and Joe and your beautiful colorful tree!! Hugs! Robin.

  2. The tree is beautiful. I think we all understand the mixed bag of emotions the season, the tree, the ornaments can bring up inside us. I am pleased for you that you were able to throw them away and enjoy each other. Super. Oma Linda

  3. Wonderful shots of the ornaments! And your tree is beautiful! It's amazing what things can trigger those floodgates of emotion. But I'm glad that the melancholy did not last. May the rest of this year (and your Holiday Season) be as Merry and Bright as the lights on your 1st tree. :0)

  4. Your tree is so beautiful Danni! I'm glad you're feeling better too. Eventually you'll be able to put the past behind you where it belongs. Meanwhile, have a happy holiday season!

  5. We haven't had room for a proper tree for years, but seeing your beautiful, colourful one makes up for all ones we've missed. And I love your special ornaments.


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