Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Dia De Los Muertos

On this Dia De Los Muertos, do not mourn for those that have passed beyond the veil, for they would not want you to weep. Instead, honor the lives they lived and the legacies they left behind. Call them to you, to share in your supper or to enjoy a favorite song. They say the joy is in the living; today, remember to do so.

Give those who have passed your thoughts today and give time to those still here; for all of us will join those gone one day. Dia de los Muertos is not a time for sadness, it is a time to remember. So share the stories of those whose graves you may visit, or whose memories you may keep with those who bring you joy. Give your lover a whirl, your family kisses, your best friend or arch enemy a call.

For today is not only for the dead. It is for those of us who are still here. A reminder in bright flowers and painted skulls to take joy and appreciate our time here on this lively green planet.

Today I honor my grandparents who passed on before I had the chance to know them. Bill and Kathy, a friend's parents who so many of us thought of as nearly our own. Friends who were gained and lost throughout the years, who passed suddenly and too young. Joe's grandparents whom he loved fiercely, but I was never able to meet (though he says I would have loved them!). I honor those even further back, the great and great-great and beyond grandparents and ancestors whose names I've never known.

Today, I honor all of you. The family that makes me laugh, cry, scream and love; my parents, brothers, sister, aunts and grandmother. The husband who picked me, the broken and lost, of all the women in the world to love; who has helped me heal and become not only the woman I was meant to be, but the child I lost somewhere in those terrible teenage years. The friends who have been by me from the very start; the ones who stood by me that first day of school 23 years ago despite my mismatched socks and still love that they never match. And you, the witchy women and sisters who have taught me, supported me, befriended me and loved me over these past few years. My tribe. If ever we were to meet, mountains would move for us. I just know it.

Feliz Dia de los Muertos, loves.


  1. Feliz Dia de los Muertos, cariño. May those who made you "laugh, cry, scream and love" watch over you always and smile at the wonderful woman you've become.

  2. You are such a beautiful person. This Samnhain when I sat up my altar and then each day I looked into the faces on that altar I remembered the good times we had together. I also remembered the not so good times and the lessons I learned from those as well. Death must be seen as a beginning as well as an end and the life must be celebrated.

    As always, love your words and your art.

  3. Oh Danni, your drawing is stunning! I truly love this work of art and your words as beautiful as poetry in my heart. Thank you for sharing such wisdom. Hugs, Mina

  4. Sweet woman, your words brought tears to my eyes and made my heart swell with pride in knowing you. Your talent, compassion, joy and love all make this world a better place.
    I am proud to call you friend this day and always, Oma Linda

    Now if I could only get to give you a squooze.....

  5. I think it's beautiful to set aside days to remember our departed loved ones and celebrate their memories. And to thank them for the part they played in our lives.

    Lovely post! :)

  6. You do such beautiful work with a pencil...I can barely write with one...

    Enjoy the way you express what you feel on this season...good things to remember and practice...

  7. Feliz Dia de los Muertos, my dearie.

    Love your words here. They touched my heart. ^-^

    And yes, should we witchy women ever meet up somewhere (you're bringing the rum, right? ^_~), mountains, oceans, continents would move before us. We are an unstoppable force. We totally kick ass. ^-^

    Love & hugs.


  8. First year I've given myself time to properly connect with ancestors, give thanks and a place at my table, share their stories with my kids and indulge in connection myself. Blessings x x x


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