Friday, November 11, 2011

Afternoon Sketches

As I mentioned previously my work schedule has been chaotic and demanding as of late, leaving me very little motivation or time for making art. Which makes my heart sad. In order to remedy that and give myself some space to stretch my doodling fingers, I've been bringing my wee sketchbook, a mechanical pencil, a kneaded eraser and a micron pen to work each day to sketch on my lunch break if I feel so inclined. Some days, I sit and hold my pencil and nothing happens, so I end up reading for a bit instead.

But other times, wee critters and creatures just ask to come out and I feel obligated to help them out. There are just two of my sketches, the first being very quick and the second being done over a two break period and involving many erasures.

gnome on a snail sketch
click to see him bigger on the flickr page.

This wee gnome, scooting about on his trusty steed, was sketched out in about 15 minutes. I'd like to give him some subtle color with pencils, but for now this is him in his sketchy glory.

Pan sketch

This saucy fellow, on the other hand, took me 45 minutes or so over the course of two days. I couldn't quite remember how one held a pan flute and needed to reference photos and Pan kept nudging me in the ribs complaining that he wasn't sexy enough or this, that or the other thing wasn't quite right. It was this nudging that caused him to have goat pupils and acorns in his hair and is the reason he is looking pretty damn seductive. ;-) This one I'd like to watercolor, but since he's drawn on plain old fairly thin drawing paper, I'll need to print his sketch very lightly on watercolor paper and go to town. Once I get some ink.


  1. I know why the Pan one took so long.

    Ahem.....the "long" expression is meant to be dirty ; )

  2. I love your arting....always so "felt". Oma Linda

  3. Pan is fantastic! He does look quite saucy. Can't wait to see him in watercolor.

  4. @Dark Mother, you are a dirty-minded goddess after my own heart.

    But I must admit it too Danni, flute-pan-guy is quite lovely. And only 45 minutes? You are so gifted. And I love the little fellow riding the snail; that is too sweet. Hope he gets there soon ;-)

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