Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Passionate Moon

Wisteria Moon by Josephine Wall

The warmth of the sun ebbs, only slightly, as Mother Moon rises and the Earth and her children bask in the glow. The Hare moon, under whose lusty pull you may find yourself wanting to frolic with your lover; May's moon.

May is the month of Beltane and its moon carries some of the festival's fire. This is a time of passion, renewal, flowers and growth. The Earth has re-awakened and is warming up. The God and Goddess walk hand in hand once more, blessing the lands with fertility and love.

May you find renewal, love, passion and warmth by the Moon's light. Blessed Esbat, lovelies.


  1. Blessed Esbat to you as well my sweet! A perfect moon for planting & trellis building...


  2. Lovely graphic and sweet post! Esbat blessings to you too, Danni!

  3. Delicious picture and the words, oh, so wonderful. May is such a wonderful month indeed: so biological and hot. My Piano Man and I didn't plan a May move, but gods! It has worked so well ;-)

  4. Beautiful... and makes me happy that my love's and my 4 year anniversary is within the scope of this moon. That can only mean lovely things I think.

  5. As has already been said, Lovely.
    This has been a particularly nice spring for me so far. May is my favorite month.

  6. beautiful ty i love the pic wisteria everywhere x x x

  7. Very beautiful post and image, Danni. I love it!

  8. I love Josephine Wall's art. So gorgeous.


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