Monday, January 31, 2011


Here at Midwinter, the sun grows ever stronger. Brighid wakes and the world waits for Spring to follow in her steps. The days grow longer as the darkness of Winter loses its grasp, retreating as The Cailleach turns to stone.

Imbolc is a transitory period as all living things begins to stir from hibernation, ready for the abundance and beauty of the warmer months. It is a time for renewal, rebirth and purification. A festival of fire.

May Brighid bless your home with abundance, health and love. May the growing strength of the sun and the hints of Springs return rekindle the fire in your soul. Blessed Imbolc, dear friends.

My Imbolc Altar

A simple layout juxtaposing the icy blues of Winter and the vibrant greens of Spring. A painting done by a friend of a fire goddess is the focus, flanked by a yellow candle to represent the sun and a green one to represent the coming growing season. Before her rests a candle and an offering of spring herbs and flowers.


  1. Just beautiful!

    So colorful compared to my almost all white altar reflecting the snow I see outside.

  2. Absolutely beautiful Danni :)

  3. I love the bright, vibrant colors, so beautiful.

  4. Love your altar. I had been wondering what to do for Imbolc decoration and you've just saved me. Gracias!

    Blessed (less cold) Imbolc to you too.

  5. As always you have set a lovely altar to honor the Goddess. Blessings at mid winter, Linda

  6. Very pretty Danni! Love the new layout too!

  7. Really pretty!
    I need to set up mine as well (I haven't for so long...)

  8. Beautiful. Suddenly I'm more than slightly ashamed by the layer of dust covering my altar. If I end up staying home from work tomorrow cause of the weather I will have to clean it and make it pretty again. :)


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