Wednesday, October 6, 2010

On the Fifth and Sixth of October...

I created a trio of witches!

Completed Witches!
Luna Thistlebottom
The wise and well dressed crone of the group, Luna Thistlebottom.
Lilly Whisperwillow
The mother who seems to know all of your secrets, Lilly Whisperwillow.
Enid Crabapple
The shy maiden just stepping on her path, Enid Crabapple.

I'll be taking less busy photos of the ladies and listing them on my shop soon.


  1. This mini coven is so dear. Of course I am drawn to the crone of the group. Good looking old broad......tee hee. The Olde Bagg

  2. OH They're adorable! Way too cute Danni!!!

  3. O I LOVE these little witches! Wonderful dresses and cute noses:):)
    And the new look of Your blog is also great! Thanks a million for Your comment and please do not feel Yourself a "bad" friend because I was intent on not to tell anyone before she was born healthy - You know this is something of a very old tradition by the nomadic tribes from whom we Hungarians are descended, that they do not tell neither the presence of a coming baby, nor its name lest the demons mingth find him/her and seize the little one. Now she is alive and well and this is why I posted now:)

  4. These ladies are absolutely adorable.

  5. i love the crone she looks fantastic. your mini coven is very cool.

  6. I love them!!! Very Very pretty!! :D

    Today we took a huge orange poster and draw Halloweeny things on it :) Then we picked the leaves Mariann took inside and stick them around the poster :) so now we officially have an Halloween decoration, yay!

  7. They're wonderful! I really, really love them :) You really have been a busy little bee. Glad to see you're not letting your trouble keep you back. Go you! I hope things are looking up on the whole eye front, you're still in our thoughts.
    Roisin x

  8. Love your little witches! You are so creative - they are very well-done! They look perfectly at home in their little Halloween village.

  9. Omy gods, how cute, Danni!! These ladies are adorable!!


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