Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Green Woman

The wild woman of the forest, the Green Woman's heart is free and her passions are fierce. She embodies the beauty of nature and her will is as strong as the roots of centuries old trees. Sometimes depicted with foliage sprouting not from her face, but between her legs, the Green Woman is a force of fertility and life.

Don't let her wild heart fool you however, for the lady can be gentle and will soothe those who require the healing touch of nature. She can make leaves catch the light just so, or create mushrooms that are too curious to ignore to help spark your creativity.

An oft forgotten or overlooked goddess, the Green Woman is the feminine force of nature who wanders the forests of all seasons, keeping the balance with her consort the Green Man.


  1. I absolutely love this painting!

  2. Your watercolors always inspire! This one is truly beautiful! Love it!!

  3. Love the shases of green, and her lovely face... One of my favorites now!

  4. Lovely. I love the depth of the leaves in her hair. Also how one nipple (can I say nipple on here, oh well said it well said it twice) looks leafy. Maybe I'm just biased, you know I love all things Greenman/woman.

  5. She is beautiful. I love the Green Woman. I think of her as often as I do the Green Man.



  6. She is beautiful and so is your painting of her (does that make sense?). It's like you were filled with the Light of The Otherworld while working. Simply stunning.


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