Monday, August 2, 2010

Camp Journal Pages

July has passed by with the arrival and too swift passing of Lughnasadh, but I'm going to keep sharing pages and tips with all of you as I have them and hope you'll continue your journaling journey as well. I've had such a wonderful time stopping by and visiting all of you and seeing what you've created, everyone's journals have been unique and beautiful!

When we went camping last weekend I brought a pouch with several colored pencils, a few pens, my moleskin sketchbook and my journal. I left the paints, glue sticks, scissors, etc. at home and just did some sketching. Once I came home I added color and very few embellishments. Here they are:

This one is about the deer who visited our campsite, who appeared to be adorable and gentle but ended up being jerks. First, they stole our fruit when we had our backs turned. Then while we slept that night and had locked all of our food into our cooler and a sturdy plastic tote, they proceeded to ransack our camp site. They chewed holes in our water bladder, rendering it useless. They also scattered our dishes around in the dirt and knocked our lantern off of the picnic table denting it but blessedly not breaking the glass.

We have never, ever had issues with wildlife being pests or disturbing our campsite before so I chalk this up to campers leaving food out or feeding the deer a bit too frequently. When they thought I had food they let me get within a foot of them, but once they realized I wasn't going to give them handouts they bolted.

Anyway, the writing reads 'Deer will steal your heart and your plums. When the plums are gone they'll ransack your camp. Deer are cute - but total jerks.'

The right page features a sketch I did quickly in my moleskin while munching on appetizers at a local restaurant. I colored it and glued it and some bits of an ad for the place in once I got home.

The left page are sketches of critters we saw, but that I was unable to snap a photo of. Once again, I drew them on the island but colored them once I was home.

Lastly, I did a sketch of the Hunting Island lighthouse.

We had planned to climb the lighthouse Monday morning before heading home, but unfortunately I had developed a sizable blister and didn't think I could make it up 170 stairs. Next time we go though, it'll be the first thing I do!


  1. Lovely lovely pictures...drawings. They were imaginative, creative and beautiful. I love how you sketched then went back and colored it every great work of art, it takes time and patience to create and bring it forth into life. You are very skilled at bringing me with you through your eyes into your trips and thoughts. I love it! Brightest Blessings Always )o(

  2. I laughed out loud at the deer pages!! So cute!! Beautiful wildlife drawings. I have finished one page in my journal and started a couple, but I completely put it off to do swaps and am really just getting started. :( I'm working now though.

  3. The deer page reminds me of the squirrels, chipmunks and sea gulls where we go camping. One year a squirrel chewed a whole in the lid of our plastic food tote just to get at the Nutella. I am finishing up the page I started while at camp. I love your pages!!

  4. I albsolutely adore Your pages - especially the bat and the smiling raccoon:)

    I have some pages, not at all as many as I intended to make but so many things kept me from doing this...but some are ready and I will post them as soon as I can borrow a camera:)

  5. I love your drawings! The deer page is so true! We have agressive deer here. You don't want to get too near them.

    Sorry about the blister though - take care of your tootsies!

  6. What fun pages! Sorry to hear about your deer issues... Glad you had a good time camping though! ^-^

    I'm excited to keep going with my art journal, and look forward to any other little tricks, tips, etc. you have to share! ^-^

  7. It's like the deer is pointing at the other saying "He did it!" lol I've given you an award!

  8. I was busted reading your hilarious post today at work....Worth it, I was laughing for like 2 hours. ;p

  9. These pages are really clever and cute. I loved seeing them - thanks for sharing. Also you are right, deer are cute but can be real jerks. Here in PA we have so much trouble with them being on roads, it is like playing dodge car. They munch through our gardens and young trees and what trees they don't munch on they rub their new antlers on and break off entire limbs.


  10. Lol... I too live in an apartment complex... So I had to wait until it was dark... lol... even so, I'm sure that if someone were to glance out their window at 3 in the morning & see me, they'd be so startled by my white ass glowing in the dark (yes, it is indeed that white... o_O), that they'd be too busy being blinded to see anything else. Or call the cops. Hopefully... ^_~

  11. What a great art journal! I am so glad you got to go camping. What a magical time!

  12. Great work, wonderful imagination, thanks for visiting my blog.


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