Monday, July 19, 2010

Time for a Break

Not from the internet of course, although I have admittedly been online a lot less lately between work and the nice weather. I'm thinking I'm in serious need of a small break from every day life. Just a quick two or three days to shut off my phone, get out of the apartment, have a little fun and reconnect with my center and my lovely.

This year has been a nearly non-stop rollercoaster of stress, changes, bills, illnesses, sadness and more stress and quite frankly I'm surprised I haven't lost it yet. 6 months in and I'm finally feeling the weight of it getting the better of me as I feel a bit disconnected from my passions, spirituality, loved ones and myself.

The Gods must have noticed this and saw fit to give me a three day weekend off from the often high strung yuppie infestation that is coffeebucks and a wee bit of play money between the ridiculous pile of bills at the beginning of each month. I'm talking like $150. So, I'm spending my afternoon playing hooky from my responsibilities and should be doings to try to plot out what exactly my lovey and I can do on such a shoe string budget and still get out of the house on an over night adventure.

Usually I'd jump right to camping, but there's something completely unappealing about melting away in a tent in mid July. I think I'll save that until fall. I'd love to drive home to New Jersey, but I couldn't fit seeing all the people I miss so terribly into 1 day.

I'm thinking maybe we'll head to the shore, but I need to find a town aside from Myrtle Beach or Charleston to visit. The salty air, hot sand and Poseidon's chilly touch have always given me the deepest comfort, clearest head and truest peace.

Wherever we end up (if no unforeseen kinks swindle me out of my fun money) I'll be taking my journal along.


  1. Hope you have a well-deerved relaxing time with your love, Danni, and return full of renewed energy. Breath and enjoy, nothing ever happens by chance.

    Kisses and much love from us.

  2. Have a wonderful, relaxing time. ^-^
    Recharge those batteries of yours & have some fun with your lovely. =D

  3. A short getaway can be an amazing thing. Find a nice place and renew!!

  4. my favorite get away is an afternoon jaunt- hours in a bookstore, or at a great movie, or in a park can do wonders for the soul. Have fun.

    I'm starting my sketchbook now- I signed up for the project and just got it! I picked "its raining dogs and cats"

  5. South Port is a fun little town on the coast out there. There a lot of little antique shops...lots of goodies to find! Also; a very old and interesting cemetary to stroll through. I am from NC and vacationed there as a child. Have fun!


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