Sunday, July 11, 2010

Inspiring Art Journaler - Traci Bunkers

Tracy is a journal artist I stumbled upon a while ago while I was still using Livejournal. I've never spoken to her, but have popped over to her blog from time to time to see what she's up to.

She's an artist who works in a vast amount of media, she does everything from making her own books, to mixed media art, to dying and spinning fibers, to making hair falls to carving rubber stamps. She writes about her art and life with a style that is at once frank and humorous.

Her journal pages are deep, made up of many layers of vibrant acrylic paints, stamping, writings and snippets of photographs.

Artwork and Photograph are property of Traci Bunkers

She inspired a page in my journal with a 'call to action' to create a page about the things in our lives we are grateful for. The page she created is shown above.

Looking at Tracy's journal you'll notice something vastly different from the pages of mine I've shared as well as my previous inspirational journaler, Phizzychick's... she does not journal over top of book pages.

You can visit her blog and see her visual journal pages here.


  1. I love the bright colors of hers. I have finally started mine. w00t.

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  4. Hey, Traci Bunkers here! (with an i, not y) Thanks for posting about me! I actually DO work on top of printed pages. This spread just happens to not be one of them. And I normally have so many layers of paint and collage, that sometimes the original printed page doesn't show. I used to only work in old books, but now I also work in journals that I make. Those I make with a combination of different kinds of papers-mostly from old books that I've salvaged, but also watercolor paper, braille paper, and rosin paper. This spread is on rosin paper. You can see photos of this same journal here. One of the shots shows a mix of different pages in the book.

    Happy journaling everyone!
    Traci Bunkers

  5. Fabulous and inspiring. Great Post!!


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