Tuesday, July 20, 2010

B is for a multitude of things...

Sometimes I enjoy journaling about random things and other times I journal about how I feel. My newest spreads are a good example of this...

The Letter B

B is for beige, blue, bear, black and white photos, Bettie Page, bridge, bicycle, bee, button, beer, ball of yarn, berries and birds. Oh, and bowler cap as demonstrated by Mister Bear.

B is also for 'Bad Tummy Feeling' which is the childish name I've given to the feeling I get in the pit of my stomach before something bad happens. A lot of peoples premonitions come to them via their 3rd eye in foresight, dreams or visions... mine comes to be like a sack of rocks jumbled with gas in my stomach. It has never, ever been wrong and I am having a tremendously bad fit of it today. So, like anyone with a stomach full of anxiety would do, I tried to distract myself. By making a page about it...

This is a mixture of watercolor, acrylic paint, felt tipped markers, a stamp and some vintage illustrations I printed out.

While I like the dark, dramatic colors and odd eyeballs in the 2nd page the subject matter of the first was definitely more cheerful.


  1. Wow... I love the B page. Makes me want to make a personalized Alphabet book. Hmmm...

  2. oooh! you have to save these posts and add them to the meme "abc Wednesdays" - there's a link on my blog.
    Thanks always for the inspiration to actually start my sketchbook.

  3. Hey Danni... I gave you an award. Go to my blog to grab it. :)

  4. I love both of these pages! I get a similar feeling my stomach... I suppose that this just mean our "third eyes" are a bit lower than most other people's... ^-^


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