Wednesday, May 5, 2010

An update on Chico the naughty cat

I picked the husband up from work when my training shift was over today to take Chico (pictured above, with Molly, who is only a year older but twice his size) to the vet. They poked him, they prodded him, they updated his vaccinations, then listened to his little heart beating, took an ultrasound of his kidneys and stole the urine right out of his bladder with a large needle.

A hefty vet bill later and I have to bring them a stool sample because they suspect he may have a virus, but were very vague about exactly what sort. Apparently, they found bacteria in his urine and his white cell count is off. They sent us home with drops to hopefully clear that all up and several recommendations to help us keep him from using the carpet outside of his litter box as a litter box.

They said the fact that it's been about 6 weeks since we moved and he's only peed in the apartment twice and only in the last two weeks, doesn't look like trouble behavior, especially since it's been happening near the box and he isn't spraying, just urinating. They said it's possibly a combination of the new litter we tried and an infection, probably caused by the litter. They also said it could be that I don't feed him enough wet food. Apparently some cats don't digest dry food as well as others and I probably have one of them. As if my cats aren't spoiled enough already.

So, I'm a bit more hopeful right now. I'll be paying several bills late, but for now I get to continue to love on my cat and enjoy his company.


  1. Some cats, particularly boy cats, can get crystals in their urine, which causes painful urination. I understand this can be caused by hydration issues created by dry food. Cats aren’t built to eat dry kibble. You can try wet food, or wetting his dry food. Of course make sure he has access to fresh water.

    As for litter, I recommend Cat Attract. It’s expensive, but maybe once or twice will resolve the issue. Do you have multiple litter boxes? We ended up needing two to keep our cats happy – one covered and one not. Oy. Cats.

    I’m glad you’ve got hope for Chico! I’ll keep my fingers crossed that everything turns out well!

  2. Sending lots of good healing and healthy kitty thoughts to Chico. Sometimes I really think the furry kids are just as much trouble as the other kind.

  3. Good luck and hope you have answers, good results and a happy outcome with chico.
    They are both beautiful cats.


  4. Yay! Continued good mojo coming your way! ;)

  5. Huzzah darling girl.....I'll keep the good thoughts a comin'.

    Thanks for the birthday wishes for GK. You're gonna love her giant cupcake....a little too gothy for me but not for "ya'll".

  6. Glad the vet had some advice and is checking for viruses. Yes, the bills are a bit much, but so worth it to find the root of the issue.

    I also have two litter boxes for my two cats. Dex likes to stand up to pee, like a little man, which is great when he hits the box, but not so great when he misses slightly. Boys!

  7. Glad to hear that it is treatable; sad that it is a virus though - no fun! I had a cat that needed a combination of wet/dry food. For him we had to make sure it was a low to 0% ash content - creates a real problem with cystitis. *blek* Sending the goodness your way!

  8. Danni: I have got dice and leave sparklies all over my computer desk....and the most beautiful painting of Gaia in the whole wide of the world. The extra stuff is wonderful an I shall endeavor to be worthy of a stash sharin'.
    You are such a sweetheart and a very good friend.
    (((hugs))) until next time
    I promise to have The Goddess up and in her rightful place on our altar ASAP

  9. Fingers crossed then for a speedy recovery.

    there is an award over on my blog for you.


  10. I'm so glad to read this. My heart went to all of you. It is my fervent hope that all will be well with little darling Chico.

    So Mote It Be.


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