Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Mother's Day, Earth

artist unknown

Today marks Earth Day's 40th anniversary. Since it's beginnings, the Earth Day celebration has grown immensely, with millions of people committing random acts of green on this day. But how many of them remember to continue those acts and take care of our Mother Earth, afterwards?

This Earth Day, take some time to think about all the things our Mother Earth provides for us. She provides us with food, water, shelter and boundless beauties... and what do you do to thank her for her generosity and love?

Today I'll be going to the park, to sit by the waterfalls and renew my vows to continue doing the things I do to keep Mother Earth healthy. I'll continue to do my best to leave a smaller footprint where I tread, keep using my aluminum water bottle, walk whenever possible instead of driving, recycle and reuse everything I can, continue to cut plastic out of my purchases as often as possible, eat organic, pick up litter, turn off the electronics and lights when I'm not using them, garden, and most importantly, letting the Mother know that I love and appreciate all that she has given and continues to give me.

If everyone made a few simple changes, she could regain so much of her former beauty and power. Her rainforests could begin to regrow and the oceanic garbage patch may not get any bigger while we try to figure out if we can get rid of it. How we treat Mother Earth will come back to us. If we treat her with kindness and respect, that is what we shall receive. If we poison her and her children, we will ultimately end up poisoning ourselves.


  1. Lovely post. Strong confiction....I like that in an earthling.
    (((hugs))) until next time
    pssssst....GK will be reading your post when she gets home from school. Think you two are close knit thinkers of the same ilk.

  2. Oh Linda, I just posted on your blog entry about her. So she'll have two things to read today. :) I'm off to the park now for real, to enjoy the water, admire the trees and work in my grimoire. *hugs*

  3. :) What a beautiful earth day message. Enjoy your day, love the earth.

  4. HAppy Earth Day to you, Danni! Loved your words. I agree with you, I try to do my part, not abusing Mother Earth and teaching my little witch how to respect and honuor Her.


  5. Danni! I never got your email with your address for the Quirk book! Can you send me your info again?

  6. Hi Danni! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Blessings and Happy Earth Day (a day late!)

    Robin @ Pagan in the Rough

  7. I try to live consciously and nurture her as much as I can.


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