Friday, April 30, 2010


Beltane, the pinnacle of spring. The earth is awake, life is renewed, the sun has returned and with him warmth has come back. The maiden goddess and the god unite and walk hand in hand, bringing fertility to plant and animal kind. The birds sing, bees buzz and there is electricity in the air.

An uplifting occurs, in my spirit and heart as the cold and dark of winter is left behind. I feel like running barefoot in the grass, laughing like a small child. I want to catch fireflies, sit in the shade of the mighty oaks, whisper with the wise turtles. I feel emotional and giddy, a more heightened feeling than this season usually brings me.

I've always communed well with the waning year, when there is harvesting to be done. The crunch of dead leaves and smell of musty Autumn air has always made my heart sing. The energy I feel with the waxing year is a testament to my becoming more acclimated with the cycles of the year as I walk my path and I could not be more joyful.

I plan to make a flowing, beautiful garland of fabric flowers for my hair like this one tonight. My love and I have plans to go to a street festival in downtown, while it is a festival that happens every Friday and is not celebrating the sabbat in particular, I plan to go and eat, drink and be merry. When we get home... well, we'll see how merry we can be. ;)

Tomorrow, the first of May, I'll be awaking early to brew a cup of tea and sit on the porch to greet the sun as he rises. Later in the morning, I'll be going to the first farmer's market of the season to buy fresh fruits and herbs then having a picnic in the park by the water with my love on the quilt I just finished. I intend to spend as much of the day reveling in the fresh air and beauty of Spring as possible.

Who knows, if there are fireflies out tomorrow... I may just chase them barefoot through the yard behind the apartment.


  1. Brightest Beltane Blessings, sweet girl

  2. Sounds fantastic :) Beltane blessings x x

  3. Awesome painting, Danni. It's one of my favorite sabbaths.

    Kisses from us.


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