Tuesday, February 23, 2010

We're moving!

Our trip to South Carolina, though long, was a good one. My husband got the job and we are just waiting to find out the date they want him to officially start so we can rent the truck and make the move.

I am a bundle of energy. I've started packing, I've told my friends and family. I've already started decorating the new place in my head. I'm excited for the move and I know it will be a grand new adventure, yet I'm still a bit sad. I'll be leaving the place I grew up and all the people I've known for the past 27 years behind. While there is so much good in this change, the parting will be sad and the transition will take time. It will be worth it.

Especially because the area is so damn charming. The apartment we got (oh yes, we applied for and were approved for an apartment already) is beautiful. The community is quaint and there are stores and food within walking distance, which growing up in the woods, I've never had before. While I didn't get the opportunity to take photos of the interior of the apartment, I did snap some outside.

Enclave Apartments
This is the building we'll be living in. Our apartment is on the ground floor in the back. Which means...

Enclave Pond
This will be our backyard! Much better than the buildings and parking lots outside of my windows currently.

After my husband's interview we ventured into the city of Greenville, which is only 15 minutes from our apartment, to stroll through the downtown area. It is hands down the cleanest, quietest city I've ever been to. I didn't see a single piece of litter in the street and there are recycling and garbage bins all over. The streets are lined with cute shops and restaurants, several of which I believe I'll be frequenting and possibly applying to work at.

The best part of all though, is the park at the center of downtown:

Falls Park

Which has a most unusual city sight:
Falls Park Falls

and as if that wasn't captivating enough, I've found a new favorite spot to meditate and contemplate:
Danni and Giant Roots


  1. I have to say: right now, I am so jealous of you! That park is gorgeous! Good luck with your move. :)

  2. I am so happy things are working out for you and a new and exciting adventure will soon begin. Blessings!

  3. You are very right when you say the new adventure will take some adjusting to but you and your husband will find that you have more time for each other and South Cackalacky, as my grandkids call it, is a very friendly and warm place. Good luck in your move and I'm so glad things are lining up to be "good stuff" for you. Blessings & (((((hugs)))))

  4. Good luck with your move and I hope everything still continues to get better and better for you guys. Oh! And I am so in love with that tree and all it's lovely roots.

  5. I'm so happy things are working out! My sister in law is house hunting in Greenville as we speak. I know you'll miss "home" but SC is warm and gorgeous. Good luck to you!

  6. Okay, looks like we ALL need to move to Greenville! :)

    How beautiful!

    And your apartment looks so nice. What an exciting time for you.

  7. Holy wow, lady! Things have moved at the speed of lightning and look at all the good stuff unfolding. I think this is something that seems to be truly made for you. I'm very happy for you. The area and your apartment looks gorgeous!

  8. Yay!!!! You know, South Georgia's nice in the Summer...... ;)

  9. Oh, good for you!! Good luck with everything!

  10. Oh my - I gasped a every picture! What a gorgeous area! I know you will be a bit sad to move, but at least it's not too far away to visit!

    Really nice condo - and WOW - what a backyard!

    I am so excited for you!!!


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