Sunday, February 14, 2010

A change, will do you good

Message of Good Cheer

Happy Sunday, Valentine's Day, Chinese New Year, Evening lovelies! The past two weeks have been a flurry of emotions ranging from excitement to terror to anxiety and I've been neglecting my blog and most internet activities in general.

I had a birthday Wednesday that was marked by the most snowfall New Jersey has received in years. While the snowfall kept me from going to see the Tim Burton art exhibit at the MoMa in NYC, I still made the most of my day. The lovey and I played in the snow, ate strawberry cake with dinosaur sprinkles and he was even sweet enough to make me dinner. So all in all, a good day.

We're still waiting to see what will happen with our living situation. At the current moment, I'm positive we will be packing up and heading south but I'm refusing to start packing until lovey has signed papers and has a start date. As it stands right now, we will be traveling to South Carolina on Thursday night so he can meet with the HR rep to 'finalize the paperwork' on Friday and we can look at apartments. We'll be returning with a verdict and a game plan late Sunday night. I'll also be holding a huge moving sale in my Etsy shop if we get a 'yes' on Friday.

I'm still breathing. Thank you all so much for all of your support and kindness on the last post. :) I'll have some artwork, photos and pagan posts soon enough!


  1. Happy Belated Birthday! Too bad about the Tim Burton exhibit (I'd give my right arm to see that!) but yay for cake and dinosaur sprinkles!

    Glad you have made it through the storm - hope the weather turns for the better when you make your trip South.

    Hoping for good news for you!

  2. Stopping by to give some love and let you know you're in my thoughts, and I'm hopeful that everything will run smoothly for you!


  3. Best wishes for the upcoming excitement and frenzy! Change is good - and happy birthday!

    Christopher Michael

  4. Leaving NJ is always hard, I should know I tried it on numerous occasions... and always mananged to wind up right back here!!! It's almost spooky the draw NJ has on people... I think it the toxic air, we are like junkies needing the fumes! LOL hope it all works out for you!!!

  5. Have a safe trip, darlin. I hope everything goes well and that you two find exactly what you need, there or where you are.

  6. Hope the trip went well! And happy belated birthday. :)


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