Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Oh Yule-mas tree, Oh Yule-mas tree...

The Yule tree is my favourite part of the holiday season. There's something inherently magical about gathering the family and going off into the field in search of the perfect tree to bring into your home. I've always had a soft spot for blue spruce and the stereotypical holiday tree, the douglas fir.

When my love and I moved in together and were about to celebrate our first holidays together, our adventure in tree finding involved hitting several stores to find a mid range tree in life-like plastic. At first, the fact that we didn't have a real tree bothered me, but when I pulled the tree out of the closet for it's third holiday this year I felt a sort of sentimental joy at seeing it again.

My lovely and I spent an evening putting it up, hanging lights around the living room and putting the ornaments on. Each ornament we unwrapped was a memory, I can tell you where each unique ornament came from. The round baubles have less of a story, I bought them all at Lowe's. ;)

My dears, let me introduce you to my Yule tree:

2009 Tree

For a closer look at some of the ornaments...

Tree Right Side
I spy with my little eye, the King of the Island of Misfit Toys, Batman and a familiar friend, Kitty Katan.

Tree Front
Hiding amongst the baubles and candy canes is the ornament we picked up while we were on our anniversary in Hershey, PA.

Tree Left Side
The left side of the tree is home to the Bumble, The Misfit jack-in-the-box, A Jolly Elf I picked up at Macy's when we visited Santa a little over a week ago, an ornament from Disney, NYC that I picked up in 2008 during my first outing to the Rockefeller tree. In the way back you may notice that these ornies are neighbors to my good friend, Jack Splat the Pumpkin Brat.

Where the Wild Things Are
I searched high, searched low, gave up hope... but when I found them today, onto my tree the Wild Things did go!

Tree Top
The top of the tree houses the star of the show, although it doesn't outshine a vintage Santa that was sent to me from Ireland or Santa Cthulhu who is the first ornament I made for our tree way back in 2007.

There are many more ornaments; this is just a small sampling. I hope you enjoyed your visit with our Yule tree.


  1. Beautiful =) You have just also given me opportunity to wax nostalgic over happy holidays past, so thank you. =)

  2. Beautiful tree and I love the ornaments!

    Happy Holidays,


  3. Your tree is awesome!
    A blessed yule to you and yours!

  4. Your Yyule tree is the cutest! How big and so full of cool ornaments! I love that it has non-traditional ones among the usual ornaments1 Just great!
    Kisses from us.

  5. Gorgeous - love the ornaments! It's fun to pull each decoration out and remember where it came from!

  6. It's so beautiful, Danni! And you're right...I think our trees are very similar, although yours has fewer gappy branches than ours. LOL

    Ours was the $25 special at Wal-Mart a few Yules ago. ;)

    I love your onrmaments!


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