Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Festivities

I set the table...

Put out the candy...

Fluffed the cobwebs...

and whipped up a wicked brew...

Before donning my costume and awaiting my guests arrival...

After they arrived I....

Shared punch with a wench...

Shared a lot of laughs...

Made my lovely pose for the camera...

And fought off zombie spider-man.

When the guests departed, I set back the clocks, retired my cape and took my rest.

Hope you all had a wonderful Halloween!


  1. Oh! Looks like a ton of fun! Love your decorations and your costume.

  2. That's just awesome! Brilliant pics and it looks like lots of fun was had by all :D

  3. Zombie Spiderman!!!!! Love it!!! I'm glad you saved the day!
    GREAT photos!!!!
    Bugs & Hisses

  4. Boy, that brew does look wicked! LOL

    But you, my dear, look just lovely!

    Fun, fun times on Samhain. :)



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