Monday, November 23, 2009

A Case of the Blahs

During the past two weeks I've been feeling very sluggish, unmotivated and just plain old blah. I haven't felt up to doing much and I've been spending a lot of time curled up on the couch with a book or in bed snoozing. I get like this from time to time and it always hits me hard around this time of the year. My body must have a timer built in to shut down for a bit between the excitement of Summer and Autumn and the rush of the holidays. Honestly, if it didn't I would probably never relax... I'm far too restless for that. It's starting to ebb now, so I anticipate being back to my normal self soon.

There have been some creative spurts during this though, which has been a serious relief. I tend to go a bit stir crazy if I don't make anything for a while. I've started sculpting very first larger scale piece; a short and round Santa Clause, who will be dressed in forest green. I've also made a few spoon wands. Here's one of them, I call it the Intuition Wand, since I based it around the correspondences of the colour purple and the Third Eye chakra:

Detail of the handle, featuring a vintage shell button.

Painting on the back.

On a completely different note, did anyone manage to get outside and have clear skies for the Leonid meteor shower? My lovely and I bundled up, dragged some blankets outside and snuggled under the stars, but the clouds came rolling in and we weren't able to see any stars at all after a while. I'm happy to report though, that we did manage to see two shooting stars before the clouds rained on our parade. That being said, it was still a wonderfully romantic experience, laying outside at the wee hours sandwiched between blankets and holding hands gazing at the stars and trying to locate constellations.

For the record, my constellation recognition has gone to pot. I can only find Orion and that one's easy to find. *sigh* I miss living in the woods.


  1. I missed the Leonids as well - it was cloudy and rainy here too. Boo! =( Ah well.

    In other news - that spoon wand is incredibly kick butt! You certainly have a touch of crafty magic. =)

  2. Cloudy and rainy here as well. From what I can tell, those darn clouds spoiled the meteor shower for a lot of people.

    LOVE the spoon wand. What a crafty idea!

    Hope you have a wonderful holiday!



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