Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Pumpkin-less Folks

On the twenty-sixth night of October, we baked pumpkin seeds and ate them all up!

Tonight, the twenty-seventh of October, I sketched up some new friends! These are the first drawings I've done in almost a year.

I'm rather fond of this jolly, headless fellow!

Lady Pumpkin, however, went downhill after her shoulders and ended up being a rather scratchy sketch, rather than a finished piece. I didn't even try to shade her! I'll revisit her someday, maybe, when I figure out how she should be positioned.

For those curious, these drawings are done in black rollerball ink on white drawing paper. I have a sturdy hardcover sketchbook that all of my doodles and creatures call home.

I realised how very much I miss drawing (and painting). I sort of put them on the back burner when I took my desk job over a year ago and left them there. Now that I've left that job I hope to reconnect with that aspect of myself, since it's been with me for 23 years.

During ritual on Samhain, I plan to have a serious evaluation session and decide what in my life is a time sucker, what legitimately makes me happy when I work, what I miss doing and what things I need to do. Then leave everything that kills my mojo, creates negative time or sucks up time that could be devoted to things that make me happy behind in the old year. I will simplify and organise in order to destress and create bliss.


  1. Wow - you really should be drawing! These are wonderful! I can see why you are drawn (no pun intended) to it - you have a real talent.

    Looking forward to the 'new year' too - lots to consider and re-evaluate!

  2. love the drawings. i too have been slacking in the drawing and painting department.

    definitely look forward to the new year and reconnecting with 'the self'.

  3. I'm glad you're drawing again...these are awesome!




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