Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Always Watching...

On the thirteenth day of October, I cleaned my apartment from top to bottom and when I had finished and was supposed to be packing, sat down and made myself a Halloween friend!

Meet Blinky:

He's made from those supplies I purchased a few days back, after seeing a similar eyeball plant on Mrs. B's facebook. He was super easy to make with a few dabs of hot glue and a welcome break from cleaning!

On a different note, I was feeling a bit of a disconnect from all things spiritual with all of the commotion of switching jobs, trying to get a home business up and running, celebrating our anniversary and all the other tidbits that make up everyday life.

So I held a small ritual, where I reconnected with the elements and my matron goddess, Brighid. I cast my circle, called the elements and sat with them for a bit before calling on the Goddess. I sat in peace with Brighid and spoke plainly about things as I would to my mother, before just meditating under her watchful, loving gaze. I've left a candle lit in the cauldron for her, to burn out on it's own. I've never been one for rituals out of obligation and this intimate spur of the moment ritual really did me a world of good. I feel renewed and strong and ready for tomorrow.

Although, tomorrow can't be too bad, we're heading for Hershey, PA for a few days of chocolate, snuggling and a haunted amusement park. Have a blessed few days!


  1. Blinky is perfect! I love the picture of Blinky and Jack. Have a safe trip.

  2. Your ritual sounds like it was just what you needed. Some time to connect is always well spent!

    Have a wonderful time on your trip!

  3. That is too cute!
    Love all these crafty ideas.

    Brighid is a wonderful matron goddess, isn't she? :)

    Have fun in Hershey!



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