Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Leap Of Faith

Today, I went into my boss' office and gave my two weeks notice. I was offered a job with better hours, a more relaxed and stress free atmosphere but considerably less pay over the weekend and at the urging of my husband, I took it. I'm the ultra practical one in our relationship, so this is a big leap for me and I'm hoping I land on my feet.

At first, I was absolutely not going to take it. I looked at the budget, I know I have bills and a massive car payment. My practicality alarm was going off with reckless abandon. I know if I take a $4 an hour pay cut we'd be barely breaking even and my mental well being could not sway me to leave the nest of financial security. My husband on the other hand, only wants me to be happy in all facets of my life (work included) and to chase my dream of being an artist and make it happen.

That being the case, he put in a call to someone else who loves me very much (Hi mom!) and they concocted a scheme to get rid of the stress of my over priced car payment. They told me at our family picnic Sunday after my grandmother was rushed to the ER with low blood sugar and I was already a sobbing wreck. More tears ensued, but this time, they were the happy kind. My grandmother is fine and I can leave a job that has been sucking the life out of me, because I am blessed with people who care about me more than I can ever properly thank them for.

My lovely and I

As soon as I got home from the picnic I set to work creating art pro-types. I spent yesterday working on items for my soon to be opened Etsy shop, also called The Whimsical Cottage. Items will range from whimsical to dark and seasonal decor to pagan goodies. I'll be having a Grand Opening giveaway to celebrate soon, so keep your eyes peeled for that!

Have a beautiful, blessed Tuesday!


  1. You are truly blessed to be surrounded by such loving and caring folks! Good luck on your new ventures and I will check out your Avon shop!

  2. You are so blessed to have a husband and family that will support you in whatever you do. And congratulations on the new job, the etsy shop (can't wait to see it) and your Avon job.

  3. How wonderful! Congratulations. With the car payment fixed and the additional income, (plus avon discounts?) you may actually come out ahead. Oh, AND your etsy shop! How cool that you can have less stress and probably more money! I cannot WAIT to see your etsy shop goodies.

  4. Way to go, brave girl! Looking forward to seeing your Etsy shop!

  5. I'm so glad you took the advice of your sweet husband and quit... life's toooooo short!

    Thanks for commenting on my witch!

  6. Thank you all so much for the sweet words and encouragement! I'm also lucky to have such wonderful blog friends as well. ;)

    I've been happily crafting away the past few evenings and will let you all know when I manage to get my Etsy shop running. :)

  7. Good for you! I'm lucky enough to have one of those great husband types too:)
    Good luck with your new shop!

  8. Wow, that's awesome! Good luck on all your new ventures!


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