Friday, July 24, 2009

Pagan Chunky Pages

By day I've been helping customers solve a plethora of issues and wanting to go play in the rain instead. Usually during the summer I want to go bask in the sun like some sort of great soft fleshed reptile, but since it's been raining more or less constantly in New Jersey, I've gotten acclimated to splashing in puddles instead.

My nights have been spent crafting for various swaps I'm involved with over at I've been an active member of the Wicca/Witch/Pagan swaps for almost a year now and they are by and large my favourite swaps on the site. We've gotten a fairly solid group of swappers who have been conversing and traveling through the wheel of the year together, but we also love newcomers who step timidly into the circle and wave a friendly 'hello' at us. Aside from the feeling of sisterhood in the group, my favourite part of the whole thing is how very ecelectic we all are. We've had folks from all different backgrounds and beliefs join us and share their thoughts; Santerians, Trinitarian Wiccans, we've even had a few curious Atheists and Christians join us. It's a marvelous melting pot of belief.

The current round has been a swap for Chunky Pages which I have had an excellent time working on and can't wait to share pictures of. So, despite sending them out today and knowing full well that no one has received, I'm going to share a few of the pages I made.

If you're one of my WWP swap partners, avert thine eyes.





Benzaiten, Goddess of Luck, Art and Beauty:

Ganesha, Remover of Obstacles. God of Art and Wisdom. Also one of my household dieties.

Venus, Goddess of Love and Beauty.

A Calavera, in honour of Dia De Los Muertos.


  1. Your art is always so beautiful, Danni!!!

  2. A sugar skull with button eyes? How freaking cool is that!!!

  3. I Love them all Danni but es[pecially Benzaiten, Goddess of Luck, Art and Beauty:)
    Thank you for the wonderful comment you made about me on your last blog entry, that was very sweet and warmed my heart:)


  4. You guys are awesome! Thank you. :)


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