Thursday, July 9, 2009

Herbal Charms - Protection and Sleep

Recently there's been some negativity floating around in our lives. Worst of all, not only has it snuck into our home and required a good smudging, but it's been making me fidgety and giving me some truly restless nights.

The other night I whipped up some small sachets and filled them with herbs and stones and left them to charge on my altar after making my intentions for each strong and clear.

The first one I made was an amulet to stop some of the negativity from following us through the front door of our home.

First, I made the drawstring pouch out of black fabric. Black is fantastic for absorbing negativity as well as for banishment. I then added herbs and few stones that suited the charm's intended purpose.

  • Clove - For protection and banishing

  • Bay - For strength and protection

  • Rosemary - For healing, protection and to increase happiness

  • Calendula Flower - For keeping negativity out

  • Juniper Berries - To Drive off negativity/ill intentions

  • Tiger's Eye - Protection from negativity, helping us to ground and let things go at the door.

  • Quartz Crystal Point - To strengthen the spell

The second charm I made was for a restful night's sleep. I made the pouch from brown and blue batik fabric. Brown is great for calming and grounding and blue is excellent for peace. Again, I added herbs and a few stones that suited the purpose of the charm.

  • Lavender - For protection, love

  • Chamomile - For aid in falling asleep, soothing dreams

  • Rosemary - For protection, healing and love

  • Rose - To protect the emotions

  • Cloves - For Protection and to banish bad dreams

  • Amethyst - To capture nightmares and negativity.

  • Head of Sunflower - This was the head of the seed I planted on Ostara, the blooms beneath it were starting to appear and the leaves were about to come loose. I included it to continue my Ostara wish as well as increase happiness while dreaming.

After completion I put the charms on my altar to charge for three nights. I then hung the charm of protection above the front doorway and the charm of restful sleep above our bed. When it is time to recharge them I will take them down and refresh the herbs, cleanse and recharge the stones and start the process over.

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