Thursday, July 2, 2009

Altered Book: Chakras

I was recently in another round of the Wicca/Witch/Pagan swap over at Craftster and was paired up with the a wonderful partner who is a universal shamanic healer. Most of his workings revolve around self healing, spiritual awakening and the chakras. He also asked for a piece of art to display on his wall or shelf.

Being a born hoarder, I had a small stack of children's board books waiting for me to do something with them and found one with the perfect number of pages to accomodate the 7 chakras. Here is how it turned out:

There was a storm rolling in as I was trying to take pictures, as evidenced by the darkness of some of the photos.


  1. Everything flows and highlights each other quite beautifully. So creative and unique :)


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