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Review: The Last Woman Standing by Thelma Adams

The Last Woman Standing by Thelma Adams

From the Publisher:
The daughter of Jewish immigrants, Josephine shames her tight-knit family (her over-bearing mother begins to sit-shiva the minute Josephine walks out the door) when the 19-year-old follows the smooth-talking and attractive lawman, Johnny Behan, from San Francisco, California to Tombstone, Arizona. Hanging on the slim promise of a wedding, the naïve young woman eventually discovers the older man’s untrustworthy side. She also learns that divided loyalties and corruption plague the silver boom town—with her fiancé at the conflict’s heart. And she can’t pretend she hasn’t noticed the courageous straight-shooter Wyatt Earp who becomes Behan’s sworn enemy.
When Behan betrays Josephine, she leaves him—and immediately faces the harsh realities of being a woman on her own in the Wild West, a world where a lady’s every action depends on a man’s approval. Adams’s storytelling from a female perspective, and her rich and descriptive style, allow the reader to feel Josephine’s desperation as she realizes the only available options she has are prostitution or returning home. That is—until Wyatt Earp declares his love for her. As their romance blossoms and their bond deepens, Behan’s jealousy ignites a rivalry destined for the history books.

My Thoughts:
A well imagined romance set in the Wild West.

Admittedly, I wasn't terribly fond of Josie/Sadie through much of the book. Her vanity rubbed me the wrong way, and I had expected her to be a bit more plucky and self assured than a hot mess of emotions around attractive fellows.

That said, her interactions with the others in the story kept me reading, and I read it quite quickly. I'm a sucker for a decent western (completely my dad's fault) and the one thing Josie and have in common is enjoying some scenery - and the descriptions delivered! The other characters; Doc Holliday, his gal Kate, Mollie the photographer, Johnny the Scoundrel, Madam Moustache - were all entertaining and enjoyable in their own ways. Yes, even the cad. You need a good cad in these sorts of stories, and Behan was top notch.

Overall, an enjoyable read.

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