Friday, March 6, 2015

First Snow

These photos are from our "big winter storm" here a few weeks ago. I used quote because it was all melted by the following afternoon - sorry, Northern friends. I really enjoyed our Winter's last hurrah and, unlike most of the folks I know down here, really enjoy when we get snow. There's something so peaceful in the silence that show brings to everything; standing outside with the only sound being the soft pattering of snow hitting more snow. Wonderful. It sleeted as well, so when we awoke, everything was covered in a gorgeous sheen, all the greenery encased in glass.

To make it even more special, it was Orion's first Wintry experience! So, you know I took a bunch of pictures. Enjoy!


  1. The snow is beautiful and so is the Whimsical Cottage fam

  2. Your little bear looks enchanted by his first frost on leaves experience. He looks so cute and made me smile so big that I won't even get jealous at your wee bit of snow. ;-D

  3. He's getting so big! You look beautiful in your rainbow hair!


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