Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Review: Android Karenina

When I saw that Quirk Classics was offering advance copies of their newest work, Android Karenina for the low low price of reading the book and giving it an honest review, my interest was piqued.

Once I read that it was a steampunk inspired mash-up there was no turning back. Let me tell you, this book delivered all the steampunky elements I could have desired and more and wrapped them up in Tolstoy's original romantic pairings forming a story I had a difficult time putting down.

The book includes a bit of information that is incredibly helpful in your reading of the novel before you get into the story. It explains the name structures of the humans in the story as well as the robots. I'll admit, there were some robots whose functions were still unclear to me, despite the clever method of naming them, but this didn't in any way hinder my understanding of the plot.

As for the story itself, it follows Tolstoy's two main romantic pairings (which I will not mention in case you've read neither the original, nor this book) one an adulterous liason and the other an innocent and heart warming pairing. To add a bit of intrique, these plots focus on the couples' class 3 android companions as well, particularly on Android Karenina, an android who expresses vast emotions without the use of vocalization.

Before you go off thinking this book is all mush, let me correct you. There are darker elements involved in this book, from an attack on a skating rink, to robot protectors, to a group of renegade scientists who want nothing more than to destroy the lives of the high-socety.

This is a well written and solid read that will appeal to those of you who enjoy a good romance as well as those of you who have a bit of a fascination for all things mechanical and steampunk. From the floating galas, to fighting mech suits, to trips into space and robot wolves, this is a science fiction book that I will most definitely read again.

Now my dears, the folks at Quirk have a little something lined up for all of you kind enough to read this review. Visit them here and let them know you heard about their newest classic here and you'll be automatically entered to win one of 25 prizes, including:

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Good luck!

For full disclosure, I was not paid or given a copy of this novel in exchange for a positive review. The opinions expressed are my own and were given freely and honestly.

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  1. I wish this was out before I spent the summer reading the original a few years ago. Actually - I did get through it, but wow - what a looong read!